designs that are meant to be implemented

your design, your code, your content. in one place.
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Manage your
Where your ideas

Your design is your server
“Micro-manage your contents.”
Sometimes you need to go live immediately.
With our own logics, sync and manage
content directly where your designs are at.

That’s a button
We know

Design processor, that
understands your design.
With most advanced UI Context detection
technology in the world. Humans are better with
tools. But tools with no intelligence simply slow
us down. If you designed a button, It should be
recognized as a button. Don’t worry, We know
that’s a button.

Lint your design —
Visually, and

What you see is not what you get.
Clean up your design make it perfect
behind the scene.

come to live

What you’ve just

That just got

When the cycle gets shorter, The good thing happens.

All the time you’ve spent repeating yourself.

Great products should come from notes and boards

You deserve a
better tool

No more boring™